Sunday, 25 January 2009

I have a HAT....I have a SCARF !!....still working on the Bag !!

I have an announcement to make I have finished my Scarf !!....YIPEE......!!!!

I have been tinkering with the last few minor changes, and I think that I am now finished my scarf !...I can't believe it, I must admit, although I had a pattern, which I would love to be able to read !...first problem,...As usual I end up doing my own thing and usually it turns out very different from the never mind, I have a unique scarf, I don't think theres another one out there as I would not be able to make another one exactly the same again, this however is a good thing, if I can convince you of that fact as I usually cannot or don't make the same item over and over again !!...adds to the rarety of the item !...thats my excuse any hopefully all being well I hope to have some photos to show off my new scarf, I know you have seen the hat but I will be wearing the two I can assure you.

There will be some photos coming soon !..

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Debbie said...

Can't wait to see the photos.