Monday, 26 January 2009

Hats, Cats, Scarves and Scarpering !!

Just a few more photos of my little fashion shoot of the mud round here, its too cold, we have frozen mud.....but not squelchy mud, there is a big difference.

So we are a Little cleaner up here in bonny Scotland, for the time being, so out in the field enjoying the winter sun and basically doing nothing other that taking some more pictures of the Zanzibah crew....

Gizmo, is one of my farm cats rescued from the Cats protection league, decided to follow me down the field, then she decided to leap onto the hay net tied on the gate on our way back from the fashion shoot !

Unfortunately, we will not be going to the Alpaca Futurity !.... we will not be picking a show team, but I can also dream on !

So here is my little pick of the day, Zakhura is now nearly 5 months old, my little black beauty !...and Zanubis has just past the big 6 months old !....we will be weaning him shortly, but as long as he is not being a pest, he can stay for the here and the now, with the girls.

I am the human in the background !....with the hat and scarf on, just in case you hadn't noticed !..

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Debbie said...

I just love your scarf Jayne it's fantastic. You need to remember how to make another I want one!!! I knit for our online shop and never seem to keep much for myself.