Friday, 20 August 2010

Its an Abscess !!

Its nasty....but will, if we get the infection..out. Just glad it wasn't anything else !!

Just a quick update on its getting late and I have my chores to do !!

Well the vet came tonight...and had a look at Pacosha's lump. After a little investigation, it was determined that it was an abscess....and it has been lanced !

So the photos are a bit gruesome.....but at least its nothing a tumor, I was a bit worried....all I have to do now is keep it open and flush out the infection...and of course, keep it poulticed....she has had some antibiotics and she appears to be as usual....

And finally...........the contractors are coming tonight to cut my HAY !!....I have decided to go for it....after driving myself mad..with the weather reports.....there is a little forecast..of showers...showing for the next week...but we might miss them !!

Here's hoping !!....after all the last couple of days have been.....good haymaking weather...and whats the saying...........'He who dares wins'.... I hope to win my hay crop for the winter.... luck !!


Rosemary said...

Hope Pacosha recovers soon - under your care I am sure she will soon.
And best of luck with that hay!!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Glad Pacosha's lump was nothing worse.

Fingers crossed for the hay! I spoke to Alan today about his he waid the full moon will help next week so he'll be going for it soon too!!

Mark said...


Fingers crossed you get the hay in.
Our shed is now full to the brim with lovely hay and my wallet is empty (situation normal!)

Terry said...

It looks nasty, but I'm glad it's an abscess and not something worse. Good luck with the hay.