Sunday, 1 August 2010

Pre-occupied with the weather !! .... ;-(

I have been pre-occupied with the weather to say the least !

Every time I spot a dry spell....on the Internet.....someone just updates it and shows a spell of rain !!

I've called off the cutting of the fields....twice already...and after reading the weather today...updated this looks like it going to be a third !!!!

If it doesn't change...I shall be cancelling the contractors..for tomorrow.

I have also been doing more match making..this weekend ... the good news is two out of the four girls mated last week 'spat-off'. Surprisingly, it was Zakhura...who's first date was with Zanubis...!! Looks like that has been a successful dating. Young love eh!! and Tremona my dark fawn girl, she had a date with Zaninni !! a trial match, looks like he is all in working order...after his injury that's fantastic news.

It was a case of 'love me long time' for the rest of the I know its nice to be romanced, but does it really need to take all afternoon !! Zorba was in no hurry he must have been on the job for nearly an hour !! If Aymara isn't pregnant after two dates with him..then I think it will be fare to say ..she is no longer breeding !

Now, onto Minstrel, !!!! Some people already know Minstrel, she is a 'girl with an attitude' say the least.....I had a planned pairing for her with Zerquo !!....He is, new to all this stuff !..I told him as I lead him to his date..that 'He needed to MAN UP !' She will not take kindly to 'whus' on the job !!

I had feared that this might put him off ladies....for good...She 'Spat...and She Spat ! at his....advances !!

He tried to 'whoo' her and she was having...none of it, bless him...he did try ! After about 15 mins of chasing her round...I decided to leave it..for today. I decided to move on to see if anyone else was in the mood !! After I had managed to do all the matings, I had planned...I thought I'd give him a another try ! to see if her mood had changed !

I must admit..I wasn't hopeful ... but guess what....she must have changed her mind and fancied a 'Toy Boy' ! She decided to behave and Zerquo managed to 'whoo'..his lady !!

I left them in privacy !!.. didn't want to put him off !!


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Crikey, you definitely need to take out a magazine or two to fill in the time when Zorba's wooing! Glad persistence paid of with Minstel.

Knapper Alpakka said...

We have a lot of weather as well. Rain and sun every day. Lots of wind, which is unusual here in our secluded valley.
Good work with Minstrel!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Minstrel sounds as bad as Mary, glad she changed her mind in the end.

Great to hear that things apear to be in working order with Zaninni.

Shirley said...

Yo Jayne, Ever thought of running a dating agency?! Great photos of the gang. Shirley & Robbie

文王廷 said...

It is easier to get than to keep it.......................................................................

Terry said...

I like all the different colors of your alpacas. I've never seen a gray one before, and I love the little black and white one lying down.

Ashdale Alpacas said...

We want rain for the grass and the internet keeps promising it then taking it away again.

Lucy @ Coire Alpacas said...

Oh matings are such fun! I love all the odd behaviour. Our girls are so flirty with the boys around, dragging themselves alluringly along the fence and thumping down beside the mating couple!