Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Alpacas and ....'Paca Bear !!

Is it a Bear or a Womble !!..... you decide !

Girls enjoying their day out
A new member of the Zanzibah family.... 100% Alpaca

Just a couple of photos of the alpaca girls, grazing happily in the field over the weekend. We are now approaching the last couple of weeks in their pregnancies, so time to take things easy before the arrival of the new babies.

On a lighter note I have been a little bit busy, not felting but knitting. I thought I'd try my hand at a new idea. I have managed to follow the pattern, this is quite an achievement for me.

Incidentally, it looks nothing like the pattern, I have named it a 'Paca Bear, its supposed to be a Teddy Bear, but it looks more like a Womble !!.....I think its the nose....well going off breeding it certainly has an alpaca nose !

So there you go, a new addition to the Zanzibah family, a little 'Paca Bear to cuddle, he is made with 100% alpaca fleece, knitted and stuffed with alpaca love, to enjoy !


Debbie said...

Well done you, you're mam will be pleased you followed a pattern!!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

He looks better in real life !...if you know what I mean....he's having a bit of a face lift!!..at the moment.....I managed to follow the pattern to the letter !!....funny how he looks nothing like the pattern !!........Jayne