Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Horrace gets a Facelift !!

The blog has been a little sleepy over the past couple of days, but don't be fooled into thinking that nothing is happening up here in Zanzibah land.....that usually means that some where behind the scenes someone is busying away. In fact we have been quite busy over the past couple of days.

Now, how can you forget my 'Paca' Bear.....yes the one with the Pinocchio nose !...mind you he doesn't tell lies, he was born that way...well crafted with love and affection, lets just leave it at previously mentioned he is much better looking in real life.....a bit like myself !!....of course !

However, I was not happy with his eyes ! we have given him some new ones !...I think he looks much better.

At least he can see where he is going now ! It has been confirmed by visitors....that he is much better looking in real life....I guess you could say that the camera DOES lie in this case !!!!

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