Thursday, 17 September 2009

I predict babies tomorrow !!

This will be short and sweet...I think that we will have some new arrivals tomorrow 18/9/09.

If the girls are running true to course...Minstrel will be at 336 days....and that's the day she gave birth last year....I also think that Dusty is also going to follow....although she did carry 338 days last year. Tonight there was distinctive movement signs with Dusty and we will be watching the girls very carefully tomorrow, for any signs.

Its a bit of a waiting game, but we are getting very near.....

I have my thoughts on who will have what, but I'm not going to say, as I don't want to count my chickens so to speak....but I will let you know, if all goes well....with safe arrivals.

Tomorrow might be the big day....I will keep you posted....all being well.


Rob Rawlins said...

Good Luck Jayne, can't wait to see the pictures.


Debbie said...

Good luck