Wednesday, 16 September 2009

We have had visitors ! ... and Ice Cream's

On Monday we were visited by Debbie and Paul from Barnacre Alpacas in Northumberland.

They came to see us and have a little holiday in Scotland. Debbie even managed to pluck up the courage to cross the Forth Road Bridge !

We introduced them to our little alpaca herd and the rest of the animal family..

Good food, nice wine and good company flowed over the next couple of days, we talked alpacas, knitting and general chit-chat into the wee small hours, it was nice to be reunited with the fleeces that I had entered in the Kelso Show.

I took them to all the best places !...namely the renowned 'Spotty Bag Shop' in Banff and the best ice-cream shop in North East Scotland, in a little coastal village called Cullen.

So feast your eyes on this, the evidence.... this is only the 3 swirl !....I tried to persuade Debbie and Paul to have a 7 swirl !....but we chickened out !....then off to shop around the local craft shops and back home to see if I had any new arrivals....but thankfully not...

It was lovely to see Debbie and Paul, and a big thank-you to Debbie's Mam and Dad for looking after the Barnacre animals.... I bet you are both exhausted !!! after your little holiday in bonnie Scotland.

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Debbie said...

Thanks for the hospitality, we had a lovely time. Don't forget to get marketing your knitwear and felting!!