Friday, 25 September 2009

Big Day Out ! ... with the Girlies

Today was the first day Zeto has been out running with the herd..!

He was out and about this morning with the other girls...its marvellous how quick these little ones adapt to those long legs... today was a lovely sunny day and he was learning to gallop with the others.

He managed to keep up with the girls up the track to the field, once out he began to get to grips with those long legs and the speed at his leisure... I did have a waterproof type coat on him just to keep the wind from chilling minute he was galloping around the next having a feed and then a well earned sleep.

I did manage to weigh him yesterday when he was born. I was quite surprised he was lighter than I initially had thought. Zeto weighed in at his not the biggest of chaps...although he is definitely very strong. Last year Dusty had Zakhura she was 7.25 kgs, born.

He is feeding very well and has definitely filled out in a matter of 24hrs...I shall weigh him again, just to keep a record of how he is progressing....although you can see just how much he has progressed in such a short time...lets hope that this continues......we will keep a close eye on him.


Debbie said...

Most of my babies were lighter this year than last. The average weight of last years cria for us was 8.22kg and this year it was 7.25kg despite the gestation period being longer. Strange isn't it.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I it is, my girls have carried longer.... this time also..we are still waiting !...its quite strange, but as long as things are dosent matter...we are currently at 344 days for Minstrel and Marquette...I still don't think Aymara is pregnant...but John thinks she is ..time will tell....Jayne